Saturday, April 9, 2011

Let's try this again shall we?

Have you ever done the Hermmann Whole Brain study?

This system says that there are four parts of your brain, and people have a preferred side of the brain (left or right). Each part is classified by a colour, and if you're surrounded by people who've done this study, you'll often hear them asking "What colour are you?".

I found this handy link that gives a brief overview of each colour:

Blue Brain
Very Analytical and often makes decisions based on Facts. not feelings
Usually good at maths. (Note: I said Usually)
Likes to know the facts.
Likes to know how things work
Has a logical reasoning with problems

This Person would always think things through before making a decision. These people like to know what is happening and how. Most scientists are Blue-brained.

Green Brain Very organized
Pays attention to the details
Step-by-step problem Solving.
Always Plan ahead
Good at safekeeping

This Person would have a Daily planner that they would use regularly. They are always ready with all the things that they need for the day. They would be good Managers because of their good organization and reliability.

Red Brain Usually Kinesthetic (Emotional)
Always relates everything to himself/herself
This Person is a "People Smart" person.
He/She would be good with customers and other people.
These people are very emotional-based and will often make decisions based on what they feel. These people often relate things they hear to themselves.

Yellow Brain Visual
Looking at the big Picture
Takes Challenges
Metaphoric thinking
Long term Thinking

Most Yellow brained people are creative and imaginative. You like to take challenges and create a new way to do things. Some Yellow brained people could be 'artistic' while others might like to invent new ideas. However, depending on organization (green) you might not get it done!

I am right brained. I am red and yellow, and I am definitely not blue.

So the point? I love to be creative. I love to take on new hobbies with great enthusiasm and flit from one thing to another with great speed. I love to do many, many things at once and get bored if I do the same thing for too long.

This is why I haven't managed to blog successfully (despite a few failed attempts) because who wants to start a blog that may not last past a fleeting hobby? So my lovely friend Renee suggested that instead of focussing on one hobby, I just throw them all in one blog and see where it takes me. So here we are. A Crafty Fox. A blog that will take you on my journey of hobby enthusiasm. Right now it's card making, photography and scuba diving, but in 12 months.. who knows! We'll add blog writing to the list for a start. :)

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