Saturday, June 29, 2013

Boarding Up These Windows

Hello Blogging Friends,

Some you may have noticed things have gone a little quiet over here. I'm afraid to say that my crafty mojo has all but deserted me at the moment, and as a result there hasn't been much to post about.

I have come to the conclusion that forcing yourself to craft to meet DT obligations doesn't make your mojo come back either. Rather like dressing a cat in dolls clothes,where there might be a fabulous photo opportunity and all looks cute on the outside - inside there's one unhappy furry critter who would rather be doing something else (and let's be honest, will run a mile when the doll clothes come out next time). So rather than forcing the issue, I'm stepping back from crafting for a while.

I will still be around the crafting world, as I am carrying on as DT coordinator for The Squirrel & The Fox, and working with the fabulous team there. That might mean I create the occasional card and post it here, but mostly this little blog will be having a hiatus.

Instead, like that kitty who dreams of being somewhere else, I will be concentrating my writing on my new blog "Still Just Us". I would love all my friends that I have made here to visit me over there. You can find me at where I tell exciting tales from my life like "How a household appliance changed my life".

Much love,


Mandy said...

Hi Tracey,
Sorry to hear that you have been struggling with your mojo,like you I am struggling with my blog,not because of lack of mojo mine is lack of time,I was hoping that with time things would settle down but unfortunately they haven't so I'm having a little think about what to do next....I wish you the very best with what ever the future holds for
you and your family,and I hope we meet again in blogland sometime in the future...
Mandy x

MagsB said...

Sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do! Crafting should never be an obligation, it should be fun, and when it isn't fun you need to have a break! I'm very glad you're still intending to continue at The Squirrel and the Fox!!

I hope all goes well for you, hun!

much love, Mags B x

Unknown said...
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Maalaimalar said...
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